Social Media Management

From Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest and Twitter, we will help you manage your social media presence to help you make a bigger impact, take the stress off and of course, grow your business!

Content Creation

Website text, social media post ideas, blog posts, content calendar or newsletters, We will help you create quality, rich and shareable content your followers will love.


If you’re a business owner who wants learn how to use social media more efficiently, hire us to train you! We will give you the knowledge and tools you need to take your social media to the next level.

Your Story Sells…

I’m a former magazine editor and blogger who has spent my career growing audiences, and what I’ve learned is that the story behind a brand or business is the most important marketing tool. It’s not fluff. It’s not marketing speak. It’s what works.

The reasons you started your business, the journey that led you there and the motivation that keeps you going is what makes you unique in a crowded marketplace, whether you’re a restaurant, fashion designer or hotel.

Here at Sandall Social we believe that this is the foundation for marketing in the social age. Our promise to you, is that we will help you write your story, define your brand and reach the audience that wants to hear it.

Can’t my intern just do my social media?

What if you had the opportunity to present your business to thousands of leads or potential clients, who would you send to represent your company? Would it be your secretary? An intern? Or would you send a professional who understands your business inside and out and is trained in how to effectively bring your brand message to that specific group of people?

Social media gets you in a virtual space with your target market, people who have shown an active interest in your brand. As a professional social media expert (journalist, blogger and editor!), I will create content that is specific to YOUR business (pictures, videos, graphics), study your audience and figure out the best way to reach them.

You hire a professional because they will get you the results you want.

If you do want your intern or secretary to do your social media, make sure they get the training they need to be effective!


“Sandall Social has been a tremendous asset for my husband Scotty and I. Rachel and her team have allowed our social platforms to grow and reach many more people, which has greatly impacted our businesses by reaching customers on a national level. We highly recommend anyone starting a business or currently running a business but not getting results on social media to hire Sandall Social. They are professional experts that get results, keeping the client at the forefront of everything they do.”

-Tiffany & Scotty Smiley,

“I use Sandall Social for all my Instagram and Pinterest posting strategy. Rachel is amazing at what she does and has helped grow my Instagram reach by thousands, which has also brought triple digit increases in sales month after month.”

– Tamara Cullen, The Roo Apron

“I own a rapidly growing business that has been anchored in our social media. We have been very intentional to personally engage with each and every person who takes the time to contact us on our different media platforms.  We were referred to Rachel because the “little pet” of a business we’d been raising had grown into a full on “animal” in need of a professional zoo keeper….enter Rachel. Rachel has completely taken the burden of creating consistent content and the execution on a steady and strategic basis from me, yet still allowing me to give creative ideas, touch in and keep the personal touch any time I want but all the while she has successfully “cloned” my humor and brand fun that has helped us to receive such a great response from the Inland Empire as a whole.”

– Scott Isaak, Sweeto Burrito

“Rachel is a wealth of knowledge and is so talented! Our Spa hired Rachel to establish our social media presence. It is AMAZING what she has done for us. Our business Facebook and Instagram pages have blossomed and grown tremendously, and we have Rachel to thank.  She is so easy to work with, and is always on top of everything. We highly recommend her services! They are worth every penny!”

– Ruth Rabel, Cashmere Skin & Body


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